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Car Dealers Say This About Our Newspaper Ads & Inserts!

You take the headache out of advertising
and really make it worth every penny we spend in print! - Kansas City, MO

The Best Print Ads and Best Results Per Ad Dollar Spent I’ve Ever Seen! - Memphis, TN

Fast, Convenient and the best looking ads in the newspaper. - Mesa, AZ

Automotive Newspaper Ads

Car dealers still spend staggering sums of money in the newspaper, more than any other media - Radio, TV, Direct Mail, Billboards or the Internet!

That means there are going to be a lot of dealers in this weekend's paper fighting over your next up. And the same $10-an-hour artist who lays out your ads at the paper is laying out ads for 23 other dealerships in town.

How's your dealership going to get noticed in all that clutter if your ad looks like every other dealer's in town?

If you want to stand out, if you want to get noticed, if you want automotive newspaper ads THAT DOMINATE THE PAPER and bring in more traffic so you can sell more cars, you're going to have to do something different.

Instant Events can have a fully customized, camera-ready ad for you in a matter of hours, probably before your newspaper rep even returns your call. Or we can print full color, glossy INSERTS that will literally drop your message right in car buyer's laps.

Call Instant Events today. Start your sale tomorrow. 800-352-3305

Automotive Newspaper Advertising
by Instant Events

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